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    Today’s Tip…

    Token-based authentication method allows middle-tier services to obtain a token from Azure AD and use it to connect to Azure SQL Database. It enables more sophisticated scenarios, including certificate-based authentication. For more details see the SQL Security blog.

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    El equipo de Azure Media Services dio a conocer la versión previa pública de Azure Media Analytics, una serie de servicios de voz y de visión por computadora en el ámbito empresarial, que cumple con las características de seguridad y alcance global. Azure Media Analytics fue construida con los componentes de la plataforma Azure Media Services y por lo tanto está preparada para manejar el procesamiento de los medios a gran escala desde el primer día...(read more)

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    Por mucho tiempo, la nube fue considerada como la “ola del futuro”. Pero el futuro ya llegó. Una gran solución de almacenamiento en la nube no solo permite que sus empleados tengan acceso a los archivos en cualquier momento, en cualquier lugar, y también facilita el sincronizar archivos, trabajar sobre la marcha, compartir y colaborar con otros autores de documentos con mayor facilidad. Pero más del 50 por ciento de las organizaciones encuentra que el almacenamiento...(read more)

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    This update introduces two changes that require additional manual steps in order to complete the installation: those who installed it right away had a bit of a panic because the guidance was not yet published.  We try not to require post-update manual effort whenever possible, and unfortunately in this case it was unavoidable.  This post describes the symptoms you’ll see, details how to resolve them, and then provides some background on this change.


    Issue #1: Loss of WSUS admin console

    After installing KB3148812 and rebooting your WSUS server, you will notice that your console is no longer available, and that resetting the server node does not fix the issue.

    The errors in the log will read something like this:

    “The WSUS administration console was unable to connect to the WSUS Server via the remote API… The handshake failed due to an unexpected packet format.SourceSystemStack Trace:

    at System.Net.Security.SslState.StartReadFrame(Byte[] buffer, Int32 readBytes, AsyncProtocolRequest asyncRequest)”


    To recover your console, run the following in an elevated command prompt (assuming Windows is installed on drive C):

    cd C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools

    Wsusutil.exe postinstall /servicing

    Then reset the server node or reboot WSUS, and you’re back in business.


    Issue #2: Clients cannot scan WSUS

    After installing KB3148812 and rebooting, you may find that client scans against WSUS no longer succeed. 

    To restore client-server communication, enable HTTP Activation on your WSUS server via the Add Features and Roles Wizard in your Server Manager:

    Give it a minute, and then try your scans against WSUS again.  After installing this feature, they should succeed.


    Why you need KB3148812

    Windows 10 builds are staged in encrypted packages to Windows Update several days prior to the actual go-live date.  This is to ensure that we can release to all regions simultaneously when the time comes.  The Windows 10 client has been able to decrypt these packages since RTM; however, WSUS was not able to do this.  Until now, we have been manually decrypting these packages prior to releasing to the WSUS channel, the process of which is both time consuming and prone to errors.  KB3148812 introduces this functionality to WSUS for Windows Server 2012/R2, such that it can now natively decrypt this content.  Skipping this KB means not being able to distribute the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, or any subsequent feature update, via these platforms.  Note that Windows Server 2016 will have this functionality at RTM.


    Why WCF with HTTP activation

    ASMX was introduced in .NET 2.0, and is an aging technology at this point.  WCF is generally more capable and flexible than ASMX, and other Microsoft services already use WCF, so it made sense to migrate Microsoft Update (and thus WSUS) to the same.


    In closing

    This post details the steps required to complete the installation of KB3148812, and covers all known issues that might arise.  Should you hit an issue not listed here after performing the steps above, please reach out to us via Email Blog Author so that we can investigate.

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    執筆者: Sudheer Sirivara (Partner Director, Azure Media and Azure CDN Services) このポストは、4 月 18 日に投稿された Exciting product and partnership announcements from Azure Media Services at NAB Show の翻訳です。 この 1 年で Azure Media Services (AMS) は大きく変化し、過去 12 か月の間にオリンピック規模に対応するライブ ストリーミング プラットフォームのリリース、コンテンツ保護機能の拡張、クロス プラットフォームの Azure Media Player の導入、Media Services の主要機能の強化が実施されました。また、インドや南米、オーストラリアなどの地域で新たにサービス提供が開始されたほか、業界で広く認知されている複数のコンプライアンス認定を取得しました。このような取り組みの結果、RTL Netherlands、Avex Group、TVN Poland...(read more)

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     Here’s one of those services that arrived in Office 365, and yet many users will never have noticed, or weren’t sure if it was a preview or some other kind of experiment (having first appeared around 18 months ago). Delve(just as well it’s not called dig or excavate) is a potentially phenomenally useful way of finding out what people you’re connected with are working on.

    If you can get access to Delve(either on or via, depending on your account and level of access), then it’s well worth playing with it for a while, especially if you work in a large company like Microsoft, where all sorts of interesting stuff is being saved onto shared document folders.

    One downside of Delve might be that nervous Nellies will stop putting their documents into shared areas in the fear that other people will read them, or that the default-to-open (for their internal staff) culture that typically pervades lots of companies will flip to an access-only-on-a-need-to-know-bassist.

    Delve lets you see what documents are popular, what people you are connected with are doing, and lets you search by document content or by author. Want to see what FY17 holds for your org? Wondering what juicy PPTs your VP has been editing lately…?  Have a Delve…

    Take back your time with Delve Analytics

    Announced recently, the Delve Analytics function (available to O365 users based on their license type), shows you not just what other people are doing, but how you are performing too. The Delve Analytics dashboard and corresponding Outlook Addin lets you see how you’re spending your time, and who you’re spending it with, promising to help you make the most of it.

    The Outlook addin surfaces Delve info within Outlook’s reading pane, so as long as you’re looking at colleagues who’re in the same Office 365 environment (which might be an issue in MSIT, where there are several tenants), you’ll see stats about how often and effectively you email with each other.

    Here’s one example; judge not any of the numbers…


    Eek. 3h 31m average response time. Must try harder to do less email and do more work.

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    Script Download:  
    The script is available for download from

    You can also use  Microsoft Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE to download the sample with one button click from within your scripting environment. 

    This script is used to check whether SQL Server system health extended event session has incorrect event specification.

    You can find more All-In-One Script Framework script samples at

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    Last week I showed how to report on Constrained Delegation. This week, I'll show you how to report on Unconstrained Delegation.

    What's the difference?

    "...The feature that allows an application to act on behalf of a user is known as Kerberos Delegation. It has to be explicitly enabled for trusted services on a trusted computer. It can be switched on for a service account running the service or for the computer's Local System account (all services running as Local System). It can be unconstrained, i.e. the application can impersonate the user anywhere else within the forest or across a trust, or it can be constrained, i.e. the application can only impersonate the user to a specific service on a specific computer.

    If a trusted computer is compromised, the trusted application could act on behalf of any user that has presented itself to the service to perform malicious activity..."


    Unconstrained is bad. Think of it as giving the trusted computer or service account your credential to use where ever it likes within the forest or across trusts. The trusted principal impersonates you. t is you and you have no idea where your credential is being used. Bad, man.

    Here's how to find objects in the current domain, that aren't read-write domain controllers, configured for unconstrained delegation.



     $Findings=Get-ADObject-Filter {(UserAccountControl-band$TRUSTED_FOR_DELEGATION) -and (-not (UserAccountControl-band$SERVER_TRUST_ACCOUNT))}

    if ($Findings) { 




    User and Computer accounts have a property called UserAccountControl that stores a number of configuration settings The option that configures an account for unconstrained delegation is stored as part of a binary mask in the 'UserAccountControl' attribute of the user or computer object. In the binary mask, each positional bit represents a different possible user account option that can be switched on or switched off. Like a light switch - when switched on, the option is active. These settings can be queried using PowerShell's 'binary And' (-band) operator. The hexadecimal setting for unconstrained delegation is 0x80000 and we use -band to check that it is present (switched on) in the binary mask.

    Here's an example of what the CSV might look like.


    It's easy enough to turnoff unconstrained delegation with PowerShell.



    If you're interested in other options from UserAccountControl, then take a look below.

    Property Flag

    Value in Hexadecimal

    Value in Decimal









































































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    I'm very pleased to announce that the upcoming book that I'm writing with my friend Tom Shinder (our fifth book together) is now available for pre-order at Amazon. Tom and I are working hard to get a very unique experience in this book, covering all major components of Azure Infrastructure and how you can leverage them to secure your workload in Azure. We are working closely with Product Team and we will sidebars written by many Azure PMs. The book is scheduled to be released at Ignite 2016 in Atlanta, where Tom and I will be there for a book signing session.

    Hope to see you there!

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    How do education leaders reach excellence and maintain the highest education standards for their students? In response to this universal question, Microsoft has launched the “Leading Countries of the World in Education Transformation” program.

    The program’s mission is to provide departments of education worldwide with opportunities to collaborate, learn and support each other in developing transformative world-class education systems.

    We are kicking off by welcoming leaders from the United Arab Emirates, Finland and Argentina, and partners from the Education World Forum (EWF), and will hold the inaugural meeting in Helsinki at the end of May this year.

    Education leaders from the UAE are excited to be presented with the opportunity to develop criteria for successful education transformation in the region, create a unique think tank for education ideas and learn from the successes and innovations of their peers.

    Click through to this blog for more information.

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    Equipping teachers with the latest Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills is vital to improving teaching and learning outcomes in the 21st century.

    Once teachers have the skills they need to effectively teach subjects in STEM they can stimulate and enhance learning skills for their students.

    The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), recognising the importance of improving teacher learning outcomes, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft at the BETT Middle East Leadership Forum and Expo.
    Quite an appropriate setting, given that the forum aims to promote the discovery of technology and knowledge to enhance lifelong learning.

    Training teachers to transform the way they teach
    At the core of this partnership is our goal to deploy Office 365 across all ADEC schools. We will also be training over 360 teachers from across all public schools in Abu Dhabi, as part of ADEC’s Professional Development Program. Our aim is for them to transfer their knowledge to their colleagues, and use this knowledge to transform the way they teach.

    Providing the tools to prepare learners for future challenges
    This partnership really makes sense for us, because we share similar values to ADEC. We share a vision to produce world class learners who are prepared to meet future global challenges. ADEC is committed to improving leadership, teaching methods and learning skills to achieve this and our Office 365 offering lends itself to exactly this.

    We are continuously providing teachers and students with new technologies that support the integration and development of ICT skills at school level.

    The features of Office 365 allow teachers and students to access and share educational materials anywhere, anytime. 1 terabyte of OneDrive space allows them to collaborate, share and co-author documents; and by integrating the cloud tool into the curriculum, there’s real potential to develop new, innovative teaching methods that simultaneously prepare students for the workplace.

    Abu Dhabi is considered a hub of educational excellence, so we are anticipating great results coming out of our partnership with ADEC, and hopefully these learnings will be applied elsewhere in the future.

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    كابتن بوست حاضر لمساعدتكم من خلال بعض الأجوبة
     مرحباً، هذا أنا مجدداً ، مرجعكم في كل ما يتعلق بمتصفح Internet Explorer. أصبحت أعرف مؤخراً باسمCaptain Boost  (كابتن بوست) منذ أن حدثت متصفحي واعتمدت Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11).
    أخبرتكم في منشوري الأخير لما يجدر بكم اعتماد المتصفح الحديث IE 11وتلقيت منذ ذلك الحين أسئلة كثيرة عن كيفية فعل هذا.
    لذا جمعت بعضاً من الأسئلة التي يتمّ طرحها غالباً إضافة إلى بعض الموارد لتسهيل عملية الانتقال قدر الإمكان بهدف منح أعمالكم الدفع الذي تحتاج إليه.
    1. لمَ تحديث المتصفح واعتماد IE11مهم جداً بالنسبة إليّ؟
    أهمّ الأولويات لديّ بصفتي Captain Boostهي مساعدة عملاء مؤسستي على البقاء على اطلاع على أحدث نسخة من المتصفح. طبعاً، أفهم أنّ لدى الكثير من العملاء تطبيقات شبكة وخدمات صممت خصيصاً للنسخ الأقدم من متصفح Internet Explorer، لذا نستمر في تحسين أدوات وضع المؤسسةلمساعدتكم على استخدام هذه التطبيقات في متصفح IE 11. والجدير بالذكر أنّ تحديث المتصفّح سيسهّل عليكم تحديث برنامج Windows 10أيضاً بما أنّ متصفّح IE 11  متوافق مع Windows 7، و Windows 8.1، و Windows 10.
     2. كيف أحدّث المتصفّح؟
    على الأرجح أنّ التحديثات الآلية عاملة لديكم وأنّكم حدثتم المتصفح واعتمدتم IE 11  بدون الاضطرار إلى فعل أي أمر آخر. إن لم تشغّلوا التحديثات الآلية بعد، يمكنكم أن تفعلوا هذا كبداية بالنقر على "التحقق من وجود تحديثات" في قسم تحديث برنامج Windows  في لوحة التحكّم.
     3. ما هي متطلبات النظام في ما يتعلق بمتصفح IE 11؟
    متصفّح IE11  مثبّت مسبقاً على Windows 8.1  و Windows Server 2012 R2وهو مدرج هنا كمرجع. كما أنه متوافق مع Windows 10إلا أنه ليس مسبق التثبيت. وتجدر الملاحظة بأنّ متصفح IE11غير متوافق مع Windows 8.1  أو  Windows Server 2012 R2.
    الحد الأدنى من المتطلبات
    1 غيغاهرتز (GHz)  32 بت (x86) أو 64 بت (x64)
    نظام التشغيل
    Windows 10  (32 بت أو 64 بت)
    Windows 8.1 Update  (32 بت أو 64 بت)
    Windows 7 with SP1  (32 بت أو 64 بت)
    Windows Server 2012 R2
    Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1
     (64 بت فقط)
    Windows 10  (32 بت – 1 غيغابايت)
    Windows 10   (64 بت – 2 غيغابايت)
    تحديث Windows 8.1 (32 بت) – 1 غيغابايت
    تحديث Windows 8.1 (64 بت) – 2 غيغابايت
    Windows 7  مع  SP1 (32 بت أو 64 بت)- 512 ميغابايت
    Windows Server 2012 R2- 512 ميغابايت
    Windows Server 2008 R2  مع SP1 (64 بت فقط)- 512 ميغابايت
    محرّك القرص الثابت
    Windows 10   (32 بت) - 16 غيغابايت
    Windows 10   (64 بت) - 20 غيغابايت
    تحديث Windows 8.1 (32 بت) – 16 غيغابايت
    تحديث Windows 8.1 (64 بت) – 20 غيغابايت
    Windows 7  مع  SP1 (32 بت)- 70 ميغابايت
    Windows 7  مع SP1  (64 بت)- 120 ميغابايت
    Windows Server 2012 R2- 32 غيغابايت
    Windows Server 2008 R2  مع SP1 (64 بت فقط)- 200 ميغابايت
    محرك الأقراص
    محرك الأقراص المضغوطة (إن كان التثبيت جارٍ من القرص المضغوط)
    Super VGA  (800 x 600) أو جهاز عرض ذو تعريف أعلى من 256 لوناً
    الأجهزة الطرفية
    اتصال بالإنترنت وجهاز تأشير متوافق
     4. هل تعدد اللغات متاح؟
    متصفّحIE11  متاح بـ108 لغات في Windows 8.1  وبـ97 لغة في برنامج Windows 7مع SP1. للاطلاع على لائحة اللغات وروابط التحميل، راجعوا حزم لغات Windows 8و Windows 7.
    يجدر بالحواسيب التي تستخدم إصدارات مترجمة من Windowsأن تستخدم النسخة ذاتها من متصفح IE 11. مثلاً، إن كان موظّفوك يستخدمون النسخة الفرنسية من Windows، يجب اعتماد النسخة الفرنسية من IE11. من جهة أخرى، إن كان موظفوك يستخدمون أصدارات مترجمة متعددة من Windowsكالعربية أو البرتغالية، يجب تثبيت متصفّحIE11  بإحدى اللغتين ومن ثم تثبيت حزم اللغات للإصدارات الأخرى.
    5. ما الفرق بين Microsoft EdgeومتصفّحIE11؟
    Microsoft Edge  هو مستعرض برنامج Windows 10  و Windows 10 Mobileالافتراضي. لكن إن كنتم تستخدمون تطبيقات شبكة تحتاج إلى عناصر تحكّم ActiveX ، أنصحكم بالاستمرار في استخدام متصفّحIE11 . وإن لم يعد متصفّح IE 11  مثبتاً، يمكنكم تحميله من متجر Windows Storeأو من صفحة تحميل متصفّح Internet Explorer 11.
    كذلك، أنصحكم بالتحديث واعتماد متصفّح IE 11  إن كنتم تستخدمون نسخاً أقدم من Internet Explorer. متصفّح IE 11  متوافق مع Windows 7، و Windows 8.1، و Windows 10. فأيّ تطبيق متوافق مع IE 11سيستمر في العمل حتى عندما تعتمدون برنامج Windows 10.
    6. أنا مدير تكنولوجيا معلومات ومسؤول عن تحديث الحواسيب في مؤسستي واعتماد متصفح IE11،هل من موارد تسرّع العملية يمكنني استخدامها؟
    إن كنت تدير الحواسيب بالنيابة عن مؤسستك، تتوافر موارد عدة يمكنك استخدامها لتحديث المتصفّح واعتماد IE 11.

    ·        نصائح وحيل لإدارة توافق متصفّح Internet Explorer -  يتضمّن نصائح حول كيفية توافق تطبيقات شبكتكم الأقدم بشكل أفضل مع الإصدارات السابقة من خلال قائمة Enterprise Mode Site

    ·        دليل نشر متصفح Internet Explorer 11– وهو عبارة عن دليل لمؤسستكم يساعدكم على التخطيط لمتصفح IE 11  ونشره وتخصيصه.

    ·        التخطيط لمتصفّح Internet Explorer 11 - وهو لائحة بالمزايا التي تساهم في الحد من تكاليف الاختبار والمعالجة.

    ·        Modern.IE - لائحة أدوات وممارسات مثلى وإرشادات للمطورين الذين يحدّثون تطبيقات الشبكة بحسب المعايير الحديثة.

    ·        مجموعة أدوات التقييم والتخطيط من مايكروسوفت– أداة جرد وتخطيط بلا عامل يمكنها تقييم قاعدة تثبيت متصفحكم الحالية.

    7. ماذا سيحدث عند إجراء التحديث؟
    ما إن يتمّ التحديث، ستتمكّن من التمتع بمجموعة واسعة من الفوائد التي ستثري تجربة التصفّح. وتشمل هذه الفوائد أفضل توافق مع الإصدارات السابقة، وتكنولوجيات شبكة حديثة للاستفادة قدر الإمكان من المتصفح، إضافة إلى أمان لا يضاهى من خلال مزايا الشاشة الذكية والوضع المحميّ المحسّن، وتتمثّل أفضل هذه المزايا بأسرع تجربة تصفّح على الإطلاق.ليس ما أطلعتكم عليه ممتازاً إلى حدّ أن يكون مستحيلاً، أنصحكم بالتحديث الآن لتلمسوا النتائج بأنفسكم.


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    رحاب مصطفى وساره الموجي خرّيجتان مصريّتان اكتشفتا قدرة البرمجه وتطوير التطبيقات على التأثير على حياة الناس. فهما تمثّلان القدرة الهائلة في أفريقيا على التوصّل إلى أفكار عظيمة تتعلّق بالتطبيقات. ولهذا انضمّتا إلى برنامج AppFactory من مايكروسوفت في مصر لمساعدتهما على تنفيذ أفكارهما.

    نساء يحققن نجاحاً

    رحاب وساره تمارسان شغفهما وتقتحمان قطاعات كانت مقتصرة تقليدياً على الذكور. رحاب خرّيجة هندسة طبية بيولوجية وأنظمة، وساره حائزة على شهادة في علم الحاسب الالي. ظهر اهتمام سارهه بالبرمجه في المدرسة الابتدائية حيث تعلّمت في البداية برمجة HTML، أما رحاب فقد أوكلت إليها مهمة استخدام البرمجه لتطوير مشاريع طبية خلال دراستها.

    والجدير بالذكر أنّ إنجازاتهما جزء من إنجازات نساء كثيرات يُحتفى بهنّ في يوم المرأة العالميّ هذا (8 مارس 2016) والذي يركّز على تكافؤ الجنسين. 

    تنمية حبّ البرمجه

    علاوة على هذا، تتوق الشابتان لإحداث فرق وتعتقدان أنّ البرمجه أساسيّ للقيام بذلك. وتقول ساره في هذا الإطار: "يسعدني جداً تطوير تطبيق يستخدمه الناس. الهدف من الأمر هو الابتكار والتصميم والتطوير. وعندما تحسنون صنع التطبيق في النهاية، تشعرون بالفخر لكونكم أشخاصاً تساعدون الغير وتفيدونهم."

    وتوافق رحاب على الأمر، فقد لمست قدرة التكنولوجيا المتحركة والتطبيقات على تعزيز ميدان الهندسة الطبية البيولوجية الذي تخصّصت فيه، إذ قالت: "يمكنني فعلياً استخدام البرمجه لمساعدة المرضى على تلقّي العلاج حيث يتواجدون. وقد استوحى فريقي منه مشروع التخرّج. طوّرنا تطبيقاً يتيح تواصل المرضى مع أطبائهم وذلك لتلقّي علاج تحفيز كهربائي وظيفيّ في منازلهم شرط التقيّد بتعليمات الطبيب."

    تلبية الحاجات الحقيقية

    طوّرت ساره ورحاب أكثر من 10 تطبيقات خلال الفترة التي قضتاها في AppFactory وقامتا بتلبية مجموعة مختلفة من الحاجات.

    طوّرت رحاب تطبيقين بنفسها وثلاثة تطبيقات أخرى مع فريق. كما طوّرت بنفسها تطبيق "إزاي أصلحها" و Eventopiaاللذين يستعرضان خطوات بسيطة لإصلاح السيارات وتشارك الفعاليات الجارية في مصر. كما طوّرت بالتعاون مع زملائها في الفريق تطبيق "كتابخانة" و"كتبنا" لمحبّي المطالعة والمؤلّفين الطموحين، فضلاً عن تطبيق Recipes Valleyالذي يشكّل قاعدة بيانات تشمل وصفات طهو بسيطة يتمّ اقتراحها بالارتكاز على ما يتوافر في ثلاجة المستخدم.  

    من جهتها، طوّرت ساره بنفسها خمسة تطبيقات هي "مياو" للأطفال المصابين بالتوحّد، وحيواني الأليف لمالكي الحيوانات الأليفة، و Research Hub للباحثين الراغبين في نشر أبحاثهم، فضلاً عن لعبة رياضيات اسمها Prof. Bubu وتطبيق UX News الذي يشكّل مركز معلومات لمصمّمي UX. كذلك، كانت عضواً في فريق ابتكر تطبيقين لشركات ناشئة. "بلية" تطبيق شامل يتيح التواصل الفوريّ بين مالكي السيارات وخدمة المساعدة على الطرقات ومورّدي خدمات بعد البيع، ويشكّل HOPE منصّة اجتماعيّة متحركة للتبرّع بالدم.الجامع المشترك بين هذه التطبيقات كلها أنها تلبّي حاجة فعليّة في المجتمع وهذا أساس الحبّ الذي تكنّه هاتان الشابتان للترميز.

    البرمجه بهدف تغيير العالم

    تقول رحاب في إطار تشجيع محبي البرمجه المستقبليّين: "لا تكفّوا أبداً عن تطوير أنفسكم. كونوا شغوفين بعملكم. استكشفوا قدراتكم ولا تتخلوا أبداً عن أحلامكم." وتعتبر ساره أنّ النجاح في هذا الميدان يتطلّب تركيزاً وصبراً.

    فهما تتفقان على أنّ AppFactory ساعدهما في تلقّي التدريب الذي احتاجتا إليه وتحدّاهما لتثبتا نفسيهما وتكتسبا ثقة بقدرتهما على فعل أيّ أمر تعتزمان تحقيقه. ونحن نتطلّع لرؤية هاتين الشابتين تؤدّيان دورهما في تغيير العالم.

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    Here are the facts:

    1. KB3148812 requires some manual steps to complete its installation
    2. Failure to perform these steps leads to two issues: loss of WSUS console and client scans against WSUS
    3. Performing these steps (as listed today) fully resolves the WSUS console issue
    4. There is a chance that you will see client scan failures even after performing the steps

    This update contains critical functionality that needs to be in place before the Anniversary Update, but it does not need to be installed this week (e.g., there is no security fix that patches a known vulnerability).  Therefore, here are our recommendations:

    • Until further notice, if you have not already installed this update, do not install KB3148812
    • If you have installed it and not yet performed the "wsusutil postinstall" step, then uninstall KB3148812
    • If you have installed it and have already performed the manual steps recommended in a previous post, then please Email Blog Author so that we can work directly with you


    We have identified the root cause for the issue and are currently testing a fix.  Thanks to those that reached out to us for a more expedient solution than waiting for the next update; we look forward to hearing your results.  Anyone else who is in the last scenario in the list above (i.e., broken and cannot uninstall or restore to a previous WID), please Email Blog Author so that we can get you up and running as soon as possible.  We'll be sending out a second round of invitations to test on Monday (PDT), for those that are in major pain.

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    In recent weeks, I have had quite a few partners reach out with questions regarding Partner University and so I thought I would spend some time today to share information and key resources.

    For those that may not have heard.  We recently launched Partner University which is our new training platform for partners.  For those of you that have been around for a while, Partner University now houses all the Learning Paths.

    Here’s what is new with Partner U!

    • Modern interface for a vastly improved UX. No more pop-ups!
    • Smart. This platform remembers where you left off, so you can return with ease. Search is more robust, and content has been streamlined and contained in one place.
    • Easy admin. The dashboard is sleek and clean, great for at-a-glance comprehension and intuitive for deeper dives. Plus a single sign on with a Microsoft account or Windows Live ID means employees don’t need to track down your organization’s MPN ID when they’re ready to take their training.
    • Reliable performance. Partner University runs on Azure, giving it a big leap forward in reliability.
    • Fast. With Azure on the backend, this system allows you to get in, get the training and information you need, and get on with your life.

    Check out the following demos to understand how to get started on Partner University

    Logging In and accessing training

    Get started by logging into your account and accessing the trainings that are right for you. When signing in, use the email that is associated to your MPN ID. Here’s how it’s done:

    (Please visit the site to view this video) 


    Using the dashboard

    To navigate Partner University and get the most out of the tool, it’s important to understand how to use your Learner dashboard. Here are some tips:

    (Please visit the site to view this video) 

    Finding and Navigating Courses

    Once you’re comfortable with using the dashboard, you’ll want to get started with your courses.

    Use the below video to learn how to discover the courses that matter most to you. As you’ll see, the course player contains all of the video and PowerPoint content, as well as assessments or knowledge checks, within one window onscreen to enable you to consume it at the pace you choose. Also, if you need to step away from a course partway through, the system remembers where you left off and returns you to that exact spot when you resume the course.

    (Please visit the site to view this video)  

    Aside from individual training, Partner University allows you to create custom learning paths for teams within your organization.  Check out these handy videos for more information:

    How to Train your team with Partner University

    (Please visit the site to view this video) 

    How to Create a Custom Learning Path for your Team

    (Please visit the site to view this video) 

    If you require a more detailed step by step view, here is access to a FAQ document on how to gain access to Partner U.

    So there you have it!  You are now ready to take your training anytime, anywhere and at your own pace!

    Hope this helps!  If you have any questions feel free to drop a line in the comments section below or email



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    1. Microsoft Edge

    A jeho funkce vytvořit webovou poznámku


    2. OneNote ze storu

    Funkce kreslit pomocí pera nebo prstem

    V novém buildu 14328 přibyl panel Windows Ink Workspace, kde najdete nástroje Rychlé poznámky, Skicák, Snímek obrazovky s poznámkami

    3. Rychlé poznámky, nástroj, který umožnuje psát rychlé poznámky a mít je na očích ve stylu Post-it

    4. Skicák, nástroj pro velice rychlý nákres s možností přesného rýsování pomocí virtuálního pravítka

    Vše jde samozřejmě sdílet


    5. Snímek obrazovky s poznámkami. Otevře se aplikace Skicák s aktuálně vyfocenou obrazovkou s možností úprav.

    Využijte těchto nástrojů pro výuku ještě dnes :-)


    Karel Rejthar - MIE Educator

    Střední škola zemědělská a potravinářská, Klatovy

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    Many of the IT Infrastructure is setup in a way where users won’t have Admin Rights to install any applications on the client machines or make any Registry Key Entries.

    In such scenario, when user wants to use Skype for Business Web App Option to join the Meeting, they have to install the Plugin (when popped up), only then they would able to join the Media portion on the Meeting. Also, there would be a Pop-Up to Allow/Deny Loading of this Plugin while joining the Meeting, if admin rights are not there, then users won’t be able to allow this either.

    What are the options in such scenario, other than providing Admin Access to users on their client machines? Well, there are few proactive procedures that can be implemented by the Lync/Skype Administrator to get this working for the users.

    Simple Procedure Involves below 2 steps:

         1. Install the Plugin to all the Client Machines (Using SCCM or any other application)

         2. Add Registry Key to Load Plugin and allow communication to Web Services FQDN of FE Pool where meeting is hosted


    #1 : Install the Skype web app Plugin on all the Client Machines (Using SCCM or any other application)

    You can locate the Lync or Skype for Business Plugins under below location on Lync/Skype for Business Front End Servers:

    Lync Server 2013                : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Components\LWA\Int\Plugins

    Skype for Business 2013      : C:\Program Files\Skype for Business Server 2015\Web Components\LWA\Int\Plugins

    Install the Required Plugins on all the client machines, where you want to allow users to use Skype for Business Web App to join the Meeting (Using SCCM or similar application to push it to client machines makes it easier).

    #2 : Add Registry Key to Load Plugin and allow communication to Web Services FQDN of Lync Front End Pool where meeting is hosted

    For Skype for Business Web App Plugin:


    Create a New String with value “” is the Web services FQDN of the Skype for Business 2015 Front End Pool

    For Lync 2013 Web App Plugin:


    Create a New String with value is the Web services FQDN of the Lync 2013 Front End Pool

    Please Note: This Plugin setting is applicable for specific domain, if we want to block for multiple domains, we need add multiple registry entries with respective URLs and values are case sensitive, it should match the Web Services FQDN that they are trying to use.


    Default Behavior with Skype for Business Web App:

    Skype for Business User creates a Skype Meeting and shares the Meeting URL "Https://"

    User or Anonymous Users clicks on the URL and tries to join either as Authenticated user or Anonymous users.

    Skype Web App pop’s up the SkypeforBusinessPlugin to be installed on the client to support Media (Application sharing or Audio/Video Call)

    User Installs Skype for Business Web App Plugin and allows client machine to load the plugin and joins the Meeting.

    Behavior After installing the Plugin & Adding Registry Key:

    Skype for Business User creates a Skype Meeting and shares the Meeting URL "Https://"

    Skype for business user or Anonymous Users clicks on the URL and tries to join either as Authenticated user or Anonymous users.

    Immediately after clicking on Join the Meeting, since Plugin is already installed and allowed to Load user joins the Meeting capability right away without any prompts to install/load Plugin.

    Pragathi Raj

    Premier Field Engineer - Microsoft

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    SQL Server Reporting Services 歷經數個版本未見重大變革,終於在 SQL Server 2016 推出多項眾所矚目的新功能及既有功能的改良,包含報表列印取消使用 ActiveX、HTML5 轉譯引擎、支援跨瀏覽器及行動裝置、新增 KPI 功能及整合 Power BI 等,詳細內容請見本文介紹。


    本文以 SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate(RC1)為來說明,目前在 MSDN 訂閱、TechNet Evaluation Center 都已經開放下載,若您有 Microsoft Azure 訂用帳戶也可以直接利用 Azure Virtual Machines 的映像來直接體驗新版 SQL Server 的各項新功能。目前已宣布 SQL Server 2016 Release Candidate 3供大家下載


    以往不論是直接使用報表管理員、SSRS Web Services URL 或透過報表檢視器等方式來檢視報表,用戶端在列印報表前,必須先下載 ActiveX 元件,才能開啟列印對話視窗來列印報表,因為 ActiveX 的關係,SSRS 無法支援 Internet Explorer 以外的瀏覽器。

    SQL Server 2016 終於改變列印功能的設計,取消原本的 ActiveX 元件改以 PDF 格式來列印報表,如下圖所示,當您按下印表機的圖示來列印報表時,不論是何種瀏覽器,SSRS 都會產生 PDF 檔案並下載到用戶端,只要安裝可以開啟 PDF 檔案的軟體即可列印報表。

    若您使用的是 Google Chrome,還可以直接使用瀏覽器所提供的功能來預覽報表和設定報表的列印方式。

    HTML5 轉譯引擎(rendering engine)

    從SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.3 開始,Reporting Services 預設使用 HTML5 作為轉譯引擎,不論您使用的是 Firefox 或 Google Chrome,只要是支援 HTML5 的現代化瀏覽器(modern browsers),均能有一致的瀏覽體驗。

    SQL Server Data Tools Preview in Visual Studio 2015

    SQL Server 2016 RC1 安裝中心有別於過去的版本,將 SQL Server 管理工具和 SQL Server Data Tools 獨立出來,不再是安裝執行個體的選項之一。但 RC1 所提供的連結是指向 SQL Server Data Tools - Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2013 的下載頁面。

    要開發支援 SQL Server 2016 的各項 BI 專案(Reporting Services、Analysis Services和Integration Services)必須下載並安裝 SQL Server Data Tools Preview in Visual Studio 2015,才可以將報表專案部署至 SQL Server 2016 的 Reporting Services,如下圖可見,您可以將報表專案部署至 SQL Server 2008 以後的 Reporting Services 伺服器。

    基本上 SQL Server Data Tools Preview in Visual Studio 2015 報表專案除了增加新的圖表控制項及自訂參數窗格外,其餘和之前版本差不多,詳細內容後面會有介紹。

    自訂參數窗格(Custom Parameters Pane)

    SQL Server Data Tools Preview in Visual Studio 2015 在 Reporting Services 專案擴充報表設計師的功能,讓您在設計階段即可自訂報表參數的配置,像是加入、刪除參數,或調整參數的位置及順序。


    Reporting Services Web Portal

    SQL Server 2016 RC1 除了列印報表改用 PDF 格式的重大改變外,另外一項變革就是不再支援使用報表管理員(Report Manager)管理報表訂閱及項目,改由 Reporting Services Web Portal(以下簡稱 Web Portal )取而代之。

    這個改變在 Reporting Services 組態管理員就可以看出端倪,原本報表管理員 URL 的位置已經變成 Web Portal URL,預設 URL 則是沿用【http://<server>/reports】。

    Web Portal 除了繼承報表管理員的功能外,還新增 KPI 及行動報表等功能,使得建立儀表板時能夠更加豐富;另外,透過行動裝置瀏覽報表時,也可以有更好的使用者體驗。

    建立 KPI 的方式很簡單,只要在 Web Portal 點選【新增>KPI 】。

    輸入 KPI 相關資訊並選擇想要使用的視覺效果,其中值、狀態及趨勢集等,可依照資料集的內容動態設定,若尚未取得資料集可以用手動設定的方式來模擬 KPI 的結果。

    當您建立 KPI 之後,可以在 Web Portal 首頁來查看或搜尋。


    報表產生器(Report Builder)

    開發編頁報表除前面所介紹的 SQL Server Data Tools Preview In Visual Studio 2015 外,也可以使用報表產生器(Report Builder),下載位置在 Web Portal 首頁的【下載>報表產生器】。

    Report Builder 3.0 的佈景主題由之前的藍色改為以黑色為基底,並且新增樹狀結構地圖(Tree Map)和放射圖(Sunburst ),若您想要開發並部署編頁報表,又不想安裝 Visual Studio 2015,報表產生器會是一個不錯的選擇。

    行動報表發行者(Mobile Report Publisher)

    SQL Server 行動報表(Mobile Report)主要是針對行動裝置瀏覽報表的需求而設計的報表功能,讓使用者利用行動裝置查看報表時能有更好的使用者體驗。開發行動報表需使用行動報表發行者(Mobile Report Publisher),您可以在 Web Portal 下載行動報表發行者,或直接至 Microsoft Download Center 下載 Microsoft SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher (Public Preview 3)

    建立行動報表的方法有二,您可以採用設計優先(Design First)的方式,先設計報表所需的配置,再填入所需的資料,在尚未確定資料如何取得,行動報表發行者會幫您產生模擬的資料,您只需專注於設計報表的配置;反之,如手上已有現成的資料,需要透過視覺化工具加以呈現,則可採用資料優先(Data First)的方式來設計您的行動報表。


    從左側的工具箱拖曳圖表控制至右側的樣板之中,接著設定控制項的大小及位置,指定其資料集(如 SSRS 伺服器上的資料集或 Excel )。


    行動報表製作完成可以存放在本機或發佈到 SSRS 伺服器。

    當您選擇存放在 SSRS 伺服器,必須指定服務所在的 Server Address 及登入資訊,其中伺服器的名稱必須輸入Web Portal URL,如【<server>/reports】。

    連接成功後輸入報表名稱(該名稱必須在報表所在位置是唯一的)並選擇部署位置,就可以將行動報表發佈至 Web Portal。

    PowerPoint 轉譯和匯出

    SQL Server 2016 的報表產生器、報表設計師及 Web Portal,都支援轉譯成新版 PowerPoint(*.pptx)格式,透過匯出功能或是 URL Access,就可以將報表另存成 PowerPoint 格式。


    釘選至 Power BI 儀表板

    Reporting Services 組態管理員增加 Power BI Integration 功能,讓您可以註冊 Power BI 登入資訊。

    或是在 Web Portal 點選【選項>我的設定】來輸入 Power BI 帳戶資訊。

    設定完畢後,點選報表上的 Power BI 圖示。

    點選支援 Power BI 儀表板的報表控制項。


    如下圖所示,您所選擇的控制項已經成功釘選到 Power BI 儀表板。

    SQL Server 就會依照更新頻率,利用 SQL Server Agent 來更新資料至 Power BI 儀表板。

    因此,若您 SQL Server Agent 服務必須保持執行狀態,否則會在釘選至 Power BI 儀表板時遇到下列錯誤。

    自訂商標(Custom branding)

    Web Portal 支援自訂商標功能,提供企業可以客制化 Web Portal 使用者介面的彈性,為簡化示範,本文以 How to create a custom brand package for Reporting Services with SQL Server 2016 一文所提供的 brand package 為例,您可以依照需求自行調整。


    l   metadata.xml:XML 格式的 Metadata 檔案,用來設定配色檔案和 Logo 的資訊。

    l   colors.json:json 格式的顏色配置檔。

    l   logo.png:只能使用 PNG 格式(*.png)作為 Logo。

    將上述三個檔案壓縮,於 Web Portal 點選【站台設定>Branding>Upload brand package】上傳壓縮檔。

    上傳成功後就可以看到 Web Portal 的介面已經換成新的佈景主題,若要恢復成預設樣式,只需將之移除即可。


    經由本文的介紹,相信您對 SQL Server 2016的 Reporting Services 的新功能已經躍躍欲試,歡迎立即下載 SQL Server 2016 RC1 來測試,並持續關注 SQL Server Reporting Services Team Blog 及 TechNet 台灣部落格

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    I am working with a customer who has been on SharePoint 2010 for so long they've now decided to skip the upgrade to SharePoint 2013 and move straight to SharePoint 2016. It's actually not "straight" since we have to upgrade the DBs to SharePoint 2013 and then to SharePoint 2016.

    While doing some testing this week, I was able to verify one important issue for this customer: Will the existing SharePoint 2010 Slide Libraries "make it" to SharePoint 2016? The answer is yes. But it's important to make sure that "yes" is understood correctly.

    First some level setting on what has to happen:

    • Create a new SharePoint 2013 Farm, connected to SQL 2014. (Technically you could use SQL 2012, but if you're going to use the same SQL instance/server for your SharePoint 2016 farm, you might want to save yourself some trouble and get to SQL 2014 right away. Or if you are planning this after around early May 2016, you might be ready to run on SQL 2016)
    • Backup your SharePoint 2010 databases.
    • Restore your databases to your new SQL server
    • Create a Web Application in SharePoint 2013
    • Attach Mount your databases to SharePoint 2013
    • At this point you will have your databases in "2010-Mode" which you need to fix before you can move to SharePoint 2016.
    • If you're doing this as a quick test, you can use the UI to upgrade the site collection(s), but you'll want to get familiar with the PowerShell command, and to make sure you know how long this will take when you're ready to do this for production. Something like: "Get-SPSite -ContentDatabase <DBName> -Limit All | Upgrade-SPSite -VersionUpgrade -QueueOnly" as noted in is what you will use.
    • Now you have your database with only SP 2013 site collections, you're ready to move to SharePoint 2016. You can test at this point that your slide libraries are still there, but you cannot make any new ones without doing some other magic with copying the template.
    • Backup your database
    • Build a SharePoint 2016 farm
    • Create a web application
    • Restore your database and mount it to your SharePoint 2016 Farm.
    • Test that you can see your slide libraries and that you can publish new slides.
    • Success! You have your SharePoint 2010 Slide Libraries on your SharePoint 2016 farm!

    Key things to remember:

    This "kicks the can down the road a little further": You are going to have to leave your slide libraries some day.

    PowerPoint 2016 has no idea what a Slide Library is. There's no way to publish slides from Office 2016. That's OK for my current customer since they're staying with Office 2013 while moving to SharePoint 2016. I'll have more to say on that later on the things that may not work so well.

    You cannot make any new slide libraries in SharePoint 2016. There's no template for that. Sure, there's some guidance out there on how to copy over the "old" template and make it available in the gallery, but you have no assurances that will continue to work with any patches/service packs.

    CoAuthoring in PowerPoint 2010 or 2013 or 2016 is likely a better way to manage your slide content than a slide library. That may be a difficult concept for some folks to understand, but if you start with the idea that the Slide Library provided functionality which didn't exist in Office 2007, but now in Office 2010/2013/2016 with SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 you have that same functionality (multiple authors creating a single presentation), perhaps that makes it clearer. I know that some users have built a business process around slide libraries and love the feature of creating weekly briefings or sales presentations from a larger number of slides. But that functionality just doesn't exist any more.

    Screen Shots to follow soon, but wanted to share what I've already tested.

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    Sejam muito bem-vindos a mais um Domingo Surpresa.

    O Windows Server 2016 TP4 está com muitas novidades incluindo Software Defined Storage, Network, Nano Server, Automação, Hyper-V Containers e Virtualização.

    O recurso que iremos tratar neste artigo é sobre Contêiners

    Benefícios do contêiner para profissionais de TI e operações

    Profissionais de TI e operações também se beneficiam da combinação de contêineres e máquinas virtuais.

    1. Serviços independentes ficam isolados do ambiente de execução do host da VM
    2. Códigos independentes são comprovadamente idênticos
    3. Serviços independentes podem ser iniciados, interrompidos e movidos rapidamente entre ambientes de produção, teste e desenvolvimento

    Recursos como esses - e há mais deles - auxiliam empresas estabelecidas, em que empresas profissionais de tecnologia da informação têm a função de ajustar recursos - incluindo a pura capacidade de processamento - às tarefas necessárias não apenas para permanecer nos negócios, mas para aumentar o alcance e a satisfação do cliente. Pequenas empresas, ISVs e startups têm exatamente os mesmos requisitos, mas podem descrevê-los de formas diferentes.

    A Microsoft lançou um vídeo em inglês com muitas das novidades do Windows Server 2016

    Para baixar a ISO do Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 acesse

    Segue mais alguns links para conhecer mais sobre o Windows Server 2016 TP4

    What's New in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4

    Neste vídeo Fábio Hara demonstra o funcionamento do Contêiner

    Máquinas virtuais e contêineres no Azure

    Hear more about Windows Server 2016 with Jeffrey Snover

    Windows Containers

    Have fun

    E por hoje é isso... Até a próxima!

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